A closet is a very small room in which you spend a significant amount of time.  Like any room, it’s up to you to clean, decorate, and arrange it.

The purpose of a closet isn’t just storage, it’s display.  Just as a store displays its merchandise so you will buy it, your closet should display your clothes so you will wear them.  To encourage wearing, work to achieve three principles of closet organization.  They include: visibility, accessibility, and grouping by categories which will be explained in detail to you by consultant.

This session will commence at the Client’s residence and the Consultant would go through the Client’s entire wardrobe to identify what works, what doesn’t and WHY. Categorize as per your Roles, Goals & Occasions, making room for those useful and easy accessible for proper outing.

An inventory would be prepared and things that are not required will be removed from the wardrobe. A shopping list would be prepared keeping in mind the requirement and utility followed by clustering the garment pieces.

Consultant will give you tips on how Closet can be organized to the client’s best needs. Closet space, or lack of it, is an age-old problem.  Some people are convinced there is no escape from a cluttered closet, but there is.  You can organize your closet in such a way that it accommodates your clothes and accessories, and without the project becoming too complicated, elaborate, or expensive.