“ Redefine your Image “



Smita Manjrekar, is the founder of company ‘Image Avoir’ which means ‘Image to be seen or Image one possess’. Her life had been quiet a journey with all the ups and downs like every normal human being would have. With all other beautiful experiences there have been certain additions she made that brought shift in her life. It all started when she stepped out to become a Certified Image Consultant after a sabbatical of almost a decade from corporate world. Her versatile learning brought up the best in her clients. She started her career as Software Programmer, worked for few years and did Diploma in Business Management while working, but her heart was never into it. Search of doing something different, Artistic & Creative, lead her to do Diploma in Fashion Designing and she enjoyed it to the core. While balancing her home front she conducted dance classes in Bollywood Western, Tradition, Salsa & little of hip-hop for four years.

Her inclination towards spirituality made her work inwardly and became Certified Reiki Master. While on this journey, she came across an amazing learning of Louise Hay’s philosophy and became Internationally Licensed & Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. Since then, she feel so blessed to have an understanding for the purpose of her life, she thanks her parents, her husband, her children, her in-laws and all her friends who made a huge difference and brought so much of learning in her life till now and so on. This journey allows her to guide people on the learning of Louise Hay’s Philosophy, by taking them through certain process, giving them tools and techniques to bring the positive change they want in their life for good.

With this unique combination of her profession where she can work inwardly on every individual through Heal Your Life Workshops and Outwardly through Image Consulting, every individual becomes dynamic, she says “Happy and Positive change is what I have seen in me and is my motto now to bring it in others. So, I invite you all to join me in this wonderful journey of change and to be seen with difference as Unique you. Thank You.”