Style isn’t something you buy in a jar and spread all over yourself.  Style comes from within.  Everyone has the potential for personal style; you may simply need to coax yours out of hiding.

When you slavishly select clothes currently in fashion, including fads, or clothes just like what someone else wears, you fail to develop your own identity—your own personal style. You fail to create a harmonious composition.  In short, you become a fashion victim.

Clothing is so continually present, so easily observable, and so highly personal that it becomes a ready means to create a picture or reflection of your inner self.

Personal style in dress implies limits on the yin/yang continuum—the limits in dress design to which you are willing to go and still look and feel authentic, congruent, or comfortable with yourself in your clothes.  It’s a matter of deciding if you are comfortable wearing clothing characteristics that are very yin, slightly yin, slightly yang, or very yang.

This is very interesting session where we discover your Personal Style. The Client will be taken through a Personal Style Evaluation where their Yin & Yang characteristics will be identified. Most people have a conflicting personality but they do not know why and what is the solution, this also affects their psychological abilities. This session also enables Clients to understand themselves better and help them to project the real you.