Money Consciousness

In this exciting workshop you will discover the root cause of your money challenges. Understand how your subconscious works. Release old limiting beliefs about money. Design your new abundant life with affirmations. Learn how to use visualization to create what you want.


A conscious approach to Weight Loss

This is a 6 weeks weight loss course. This popular six week course utilizes all the Heal Your Life principles and applies them to weight loss! Participants learn that loving themselves BEFORE they lose weight is a key to achieving the results they want.

The course emphasis is on the mental, emotional, and spiritual skills for long term success with weight loss. Plus, each person has an opportunity to develop their own UNIQUE food and exercise plans. More and more, researchers are realizing that no one program fits everyone.

So no fad diets or ‘lose 10 pounds in a week’ schemes, just the principles we know work to change ANY area of your life. Weight loss does have some special considerations, however, because people who are overweight have been so critical of themselves AND get criticism from others for not having will power.


Ladder Your Steps

10 weeks Short Workshop Sessions

5 weeks Short Workshop Sessions

Short workshops are developed by Louise Hay, specializing each area of life giving participant a week time to work upon themselves one by one. Allowing them to work deep within, receiving the insights for better understanding of the patterns blocking their happiness. These short workshop sessions is conducted once in a week for 3-4 hours.