Every person has different figure type, with many variations. Once they are identified it becomes easier to get the proper fitted clothing to enhance the look.

The consultant will conduct a body shape evaluation for your Body and identify your Body type. She will then provide complete solution for looking attractive.

Ideas will be practically taught to you letting you know the countering techniques so that you are able to hide your body variations and appear confident.

Clothing is a product of artistic visual design and therefore an art form you can see, touch, and at times even hear. Clothing can stimulate your senses every bit as much as a painting, a piece of sculpture, or a song. Just as the beauty of the painting, sculpture, or song can lift your spirit, so can the beauty of well-designed clothing that meets your needs serve to lift your spirit. Because you can wear this art form, clothing can be seen as wearable art.

Every facial features differs with single person, that makes them look unique. Face shape evaluation is done during the grooming session along once evaluated consultant will help you guide with your best look for hair styles, best suitable jewellery and make up tips.